Project with Gavin Christie
Leona Christie Project with Gavin Christie typing on paper
Gavin Christie: "Cereals of the 80's"
typing on paper

Gavin Christie ritually types and handwrites lists, on a daily basis, recording his memories of dates, directions, closed stores, earlier book editions, tv guide listings from the 80's, and defunct brands of snacks and cereals, as well as other people's memories he finds on the internet. Gavin types on an 1980's-era word processor, not a computer, organizing memories of time, space, and food, televisual and suburban, into shapes and patterns.

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Leona Christie Project with Gavin Christie Text & images on paper, silk, and plexiglass
Collaborative Project: "Dark Woods, Light Woods"
Text & images on paper, silk, and plexiglass

"Dark Woods, Light Woods" is part of an ongoing artistic collaboration in which Leona re-presents her brother's writings and images in a manner that highlights their artistic value, using printmaking concepts and processes.

Understanding that books and maps often get “updated” into new versions and editions, and that stores and roads open and close, Gavin regularly discards his old “expired” work to make room for new. In this collaboration, Leona’s role is to document and preserve her brother’s work so that it can be seen, saved, and shared.